SAT 2019: Check out these important tips for test preparation

More than 25 universities in India accept SAT from India students college application. One admission test will allow students to apply to many different universities in India. In addition, the SAT is accepted by almost every American university and hundreds of universities around the world.


The test evaluated students for their linguistic and quantitative skills required for academic success. Scoring high in SAT test has many benefits such as scholarship, and stand out during the admission process to top colleges in India and worldwide.


With strategic preparation, the students can easily ace the SAT. Here are some of the important tips that would help you crack the SAT test:



Understand the test format


Understanding the test format is very important to avoid any last minute surprises in the exam hall. The details of the SAT test format can be found on the official website of the College Board.


Practice every day: Practice sample questions every day in a time-bound format to train yourself for the test day. Training your mind every day would help relax on the test day.


Read, read, and read: For the Evidence-Based Reading section, read articles from top newspapers. It will increase your analytical and reasoning skills.


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Prepare a time-schedule: Prepare a proper study-schedule. Fix your reading timing, divide it section wise. Don’t forget to take a break in between the study to refresh and relax your mind. Study in the early hours in the morning when your concentration level is higher.


Practice, Analyse and Revise: Once you have completed a practice test, analyse your results – answers that were correct, number of wrong answers, questions you could not answer. Revise the concepts and topics which you find difficult. Go to for personalized practice-just take a few short quizzes and get a study plan that helps you focus on the areas you need to work on most.


Do not panic: Do not panic if you think you didn’t perform well on a given test day. The students can retake the SAT tests four times in a year.


SAT test score


Though colleges do not release ‘SAT cut-off’ lists, however, almost all of them publish statistics about their students‘ scores.


Courtesy: TOI


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