Importance of AI in improving the quality of Education in India

Importance of AI in improving the quality of Education in India

Artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of smart ICT based apps targeted for digital learning. The quality of teaching learning depends on the academic and non academic support provided to the student by the institute and faculties. By using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, today’s teaching apps can actually predict in advance the academic and non academic support a student would need. For example, some of the smart learning analysis apps can analyse the past performance of the student, performance of similar students in similar categories, and the ongoing continuous monitoring of performance of the student and would predict the support the student would require in the next semesters.


AI based ICT apps are available for creating digital content too. For example, a smart app can search the web based on any topic and create curated content for the faculty to deliver in the class based on the learning need.


AI is also used in monitoring attainment of Program Outcome and Course Outcome by a student and take corrective action. Program Outcome and Course Outcome are integral part of any accreditation and the institutes need to develop a framework to continuously monitor the attainment by every student.


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However, due to the scope of the work involving monitoring and analysing huge dataset, AI based tools are extremely helpful to calculate the attainment and alert the faculties where a student is falling short of expected attainment and suggest what kind of remedial actions may be taken.




Another area where Artificial Intelligence is used a lot is skill development and placement. Employability is a key concern for every student and the institutes. By using Artificial Intelligence, institutes may find the ideal job sector for a student and may provide targeted training to the student in order for him or her to be successful in the sector, something that was not possible earlier.


Some AI based skill development apps may go one step further and continuously analyse student performance for skill development training, and provide tailored content based on the learning need and training goals.


Artificial Intelligence should not be viewed as a replacement for traditional teaching methodology. Rather, it augments the ability of the faculties and institute to provide specific guidance by providing larger insight through data analytics and situation analysis. Adoption of AI based ICT tools for education is comparatively low in India, specially in higher education, but the number of institutions using AI based tools is increasing fast.




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