What is the difference between college and university

What is the difference between college and university

Higher education in India is considered as the third-largest in the world. Being a developing country, India is growing massively in the sector of education and by 2030 India will be one among the youngest nations in the world. One in every four graduates will be a student from Indian Higher Education in the world, and the number of people in the college-going age group will increase to nearly 140 million. But even today, most of the students are confused between the concept of college and university, choosing the right college or university is still a difficult task.

Difference between College and University

Today, India has more than 800 universities differentiated in the categories like State, Central, Private and Deemed University, along with various private colleges and institutions. But, how do you differentiate between college and university? Even though both the institutions fall under the category of higher education, there is a fine line that differentiates college and university. Colleges are smaller institutions that offer undergraduate degrees or diploma courses to the students, most of the colleges offer bachelor’s degree and also some colleges such as junior colleges provide courses for only two-years and some colleges offer associate degrees. The colleges directly cannot provide degree completion certificates to the students, therefore they get affiliated to the universities functioning in their region. But the deemed colleges or deemed to be universities have the power of giving degree certificates to the students.

University is a bigger institution that offers both undergraduate and post-graduation courses. In general, universities offer a number of degree courses that leads to a master’s degree or Ph.D. along with professional degrees such as Law and medical. The universities set the curriculum, syllabus and conduct exams for the students studying in the private colleges that are affiliated to the universities. The universities have the complete authority of giving diploma and degree certificates to the students.


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How to Choose between College and University?

Every student faces difficulty in choosing either college or university after their school, and later choosing the stream in which they want to pursue their degree. Firstly, know well about your areas of interest and dream careers, accordingly choose the stream of higher education. Everyone has their own way of learning, so, you have to choose the stream of education that matches your criteria for getting the dream job, for example, students who want to pursue journalism as a profession need more of practical knowledge than theory. If you want to have more practical knowledge, then college is a place to choose as they provide internships facilities to the students. If a student is interested in a particular set of subjects that drives their interest and wants to have a closer interaction with the other students, faculties, and staffs than he/she can choose a college for their higher education.

If any student is more inclined towards research studies or professional degrees such as Medical and Law, it is better to choose a university. The universities provide a wide range of research facilities along with the research guides, also universities offer different combinations of subjects to the students. If a student wants to study in an environment that has a wide scope which can also help in their higher studies after graduation such as master’s or Ph.D., then choosing a university for higher education is better.

There are many similarities in between colleges and universities, as both are controlled by the government or private body and sometimes combined and both offers higher education to the students. Choosing an institution that caters your needs is more important, students have to be aware of their self needs and expectations in education to achieve their dreams.




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