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IIT-Madras creates applications for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras researchers have developed algorithms on novel applications for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to solve engineering problems. The researchers will soon start a startup to deploy their AI Software called ‘AISoft’ to develop solutions to engineering problems in varied fields such as in thermal management, semiconductors among others.

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are now being used for over a decade but traditionally only in areas such as signal processing, speech recognition, image reconstruction and prediction. As per the institute, very limited attempts have been made globally in using these algorithms in solving engineering problems such as thermal management, electronic cooling industries, automobile problems like fluid dynamics prediction over a bonnet or inside the engine, aerospace industries like aerodynamics and fluid dynamics problems across an aero-foil or turbine engine.

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Vishal Nandigana, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering said, “We tested AIsoft and used it to solve such thermal management problems. We found it to be nearly million-fold faster compared to existing solutions currently used in the field. Our AI works on any generalised rectilinear and curvilinear input geometry. Our research saves the computational time, which is the bottleneck to solve most engineering problems.”


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IIT-Madras researchers have also developed hardware products using GPU and multi-threading processing to solve thermal management problems in thermal and electronic cooling industries.


Courtesy: The Indian Express


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