CAT 2019: Last minute exam tips to maximise your score

Common Admission Test (CAT) score and percentile is very important for secure a management admission seat in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). The CAT 2019 examination will be held on Sunday, November 24, 2019. Candidates have only few days left to give final touch to their CAT 2019 preparation. Here are some of the important tips and tricks that will help you maximise your score in the examination:

How to maximise your CAT 2019 score?

1) Practice Mock Tests: You can attempt mock tests to assess how good are you on judging the difficulty level of questions. You should look at their previous Mock CAT results to understand this. More number of easy questions left out or difficult questions attempted is an indication that there is scope for improvement here.

2) Improve on accuracy: Accuracy is hard to improve on but with regular practice you can improve on accuracy. The first step to improve your accuracy is to understand the basics. After that, check your preparation with the help of Mock test and previous years question papers. Revise all important basics before the exam.

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3) Scan CAT question paper: On the exam day, make sure you attempt and answer all the easy questions in each section first. It will help you save time for answering the more difficult ones. You can judge the difficulty level of a question while reading the question paper. Also, make sure you do not miss on any question in the paper unread.

For questions on verbal ability, it doesn’t make sense to come back to the questions after scanning them as most of them can either be answered or left out in the first reading.

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For quantitative ability questions, the constraints are different. The questions can be, in the first reading, left to be solved later when you identify all the easy questions in the paper.

For Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, the questions are already in sets, thereby making your task easy. The answer would also depend on how good are you in judging difficulty level.

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