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EduSys College Management Software is a Web and Cloud-based ERP system designed for the college organisations to automate smooth organization and management of administrative operations such as student admission management, fee payments, transportation, library, enrolment, MIS reports (often requested by NAAC) and many more whist empowering the institutions with superior capabilities to stay standout from the other organisations. Its reputation has earned it a place in popular educational magazines and daily newspapers.

The accreditation helps to elevate the college procedures and performance at the same time putting the institution ahead in the challenge to offer quality education. This leads to widespread recognition and greater appreciation.

uLektz Campus

uLektz helps institutions adhere to the compliances and recommendations of various regulatory and accreditation bodies of higher education such as UGC, NAAC, NBA, NIRF, etc.,

uLektz Campus addresses the variety of metrics in Quality Indicator Framework (QIF) as an outcome of practices in maintaining quality and get higher Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) as per the NAAC accreditations.



NBA Self-Assessment Reports (SAR), Outcome management, attainment reports, faculty feedback, student survey, asset management, etc. are all well incorporated into Linways AMS for seamless NBA accreditation management.

Self-Study Reports, Digital Library & Drive Integration for Data Management, Custom Report Generation, Committees, Add & Plan Events and more for Having a Seamless NAAC accreditation.

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