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Best Online Project Management Courses and its Job Opportunities

Quality management

About the Course

While quality isn’t a new business concept, quality goods and services do continue to play a key role in generating the reputation that can give your organisation its competitive edge. Consistently offering high quality leads to loyal customers, who can reward your company with positive recommendations that lead to new customers. The Total Quality Management (TQM) approach changed the way businesses look at everything from customers, to human resources, to manufacturing and service processes. Now it’s widely recognised that, in order to keep up with the ever-changing conditions and direction of an organisation, all business activities need to incorporate quality principles that function effectively as a system.

Industry Required Skills: Quality management

Course Offered By: Udemy

Industries Hiring: 

  • Siemens Limited
  • Kasento Engineers
  • Havoc Consultants Private Ltd
  • Blackboard
  • Standard Chartered Bank Ltd

Project Management

About the course

Project management is an exciting place to be. Project managers help shape the success of organizations, implement new technology, change the business landscape, and have influence over all areas of a business. Project managers also earn a nice income and often move up the organizational chain into full-time management positions.

Indusrty Required Skills: Project Management Course

Course Offered By: Udemy

Industries Hiring:

  • Prime Info Solutions
  • Antal International Network
  • Origin Learning Solutions
  • Antal International

Performance Management

About the course

If you want to effectively manage the performance of your employees, then this is course for you! Performance Management For Managers introduces you to working with employees to align their goals with your companies goals. In this course you’ll learn how to coach for performance, how to have constructive conversations with employees and how to support employees development, and you’ll learn how to do it in a way that’s both informative and engaging!

Indusrty Required Skills: Performance Management Course

Course Offered By: Udemy

Industries Hiring:

  • Resource Solutions
  • Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
  • PwC SDC
  • Infosys Limited

Software Product Management

About the course

In this Software Product Management Specialization, you will master Agile software management practices to lead a team of developers and interact with clients. In the final Capstone Project, you will practice and apply management techniques to realistic scenarios that you will face as a Software Product Manager. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from the insights of others as part of a Software Product Management.

Indusrty Required Skills: Software Project Management

Course Offered By: Coursera

Industries Hiring:

  • Door Sabha Nigam Limited
  • KLA
  • Amazon
  • Blackboard
  • Valeo

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