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How Short Term Courses Can Help in Career Building Process

Today, most of the employers look for skilful candidates, the students who have the ability of multitasking. Also with the changing market scenarios, an additional skill can help the students gain extra knowledge which acts as a beneficial element during the placements. To gain extra skills and knowledge a student can participate or take up short term courses that can also be addressed as certificate courses. The short term courses are like the feathers added to the cap of the students, they add extra value to the student’s career-building process, and help them in making their CV strong. The students can learn short term courses at any point in time and place; they are flexible and require minimum tools to learn.

In recent times the number of short term courses available for the students is huge in number; the students choose short term courses depending on their interests and skills. The short terms courses are offered under both the sectors – government and private, there are numerous government and private institutes and portals that offer short term courses in various academic and non-academic categories. The level of short term courses differs according to the grades, such as UG, PG, Diploma and PG Diploma and courses such as science, commerce and arts. In the present time, there are also short term courses for extra skills or can also be called as extra-curricular activities. With the rising competition in the race of job placement, every short or long term course counts and adds value to your job profile.

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Importance of Short Term Courses in Placements

Today the need for employers is like never-ending requirements. A basic degree or diploma certificate is not enough to get significant employment opportunities in present market conditions. Every employer looks for that X factor or extra skills in the candidates which can make them stand different from other employees and further those skills will help them in improving their work efficiency and profile. Also with the easy accessibility of the internet and electronic devices students can enrol under short term courses that offer professional courses with job placement opportunities. In most of the management institutions, short term courses are mandatory for the students, as they gain knowledge, skills and will be a value-adding element in placement assistance. The companies irrespective of any fields suggest to their employees to take up short term courses to improve in their particular specializations, which will later help them in the career development process.

The number of short term courses is rising at a great pace and also the types of short terms are also varying according to the demands in the market. Following are some of the in-demand job related short term courses which will help the students during placements:

Management Short term Courses – Marketing, HR, CRM, Finance, Accounting, Trading, Risk Management, Administration, Entrepreneurship and many more.

Journalism or Media and Mass Communication – Photography, Film Making, Creative Marketing, Cinematography, Videography and many more.

Fashion – Creative Designing, Fashion Management, Fashion Technology and more.

Here are a few examples of the short term courses that may help the students in adding value and acquiring skills and knowledge. As it was mentioned above, ‘In the Rising Competition Every Course Adds Value in the Process of Job Placement’.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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