A Brief View of course in Oceanography


The course in Oceanography deals with the physical and biological aspects of the ocean and covers the study of ecosystem, geological and geophysical aspects of oceans; ocean waves currents, plate tectonics etc.


10+2 with Physics, Chemistry , Maths/Biology and followed by B. Tech. or B.Sc. in Zoology/ Botany/
Chemistry/ Fishery Science / Earth Science/ Physics/ Agriculture/ Microbiology/ Applied Sciences or
equivalent or related subjects.


1. M. Sc. Oceanography and Coastal Area Studies.
2. M. Sc. Oceanography
3. M. Phil. Chemical Oceanography
4. M. Tech Ocean Technology
5. M. Sc. Marine Biology


1. Indian Institute of Information Technology Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
2. Indian Institute of Information Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal.
3. Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
4. University of Science and Technology, Cochin, Kerala.
5. Goa University,
6. Mangalore University, Karnataka.

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