Over 400 courses to choose from, upgrade your skills with NSDCs eSkill India portal

The spread of Covid-19 has led country wide closure of schools, training institutes and universities, impacting learning of millions of students. These are unprecedented times and need a construct where everyone comes together to maintain continuity in lives. The advancement in technology can act as a boon to enable this continuity for skill seekers.

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) through its eSkill India, an eLearning portal is encouraging youth to explore new courses while at home. The portal leverages technology in continuing the skilling momentum and enables skill seekers accelerate their learning through methods like virtual learning and remote classroom.

NSDC’s eSkill India portal:

eSkillIndia portal aggregates content from leading digital knowledge providers such as Salesforce, SAS, IBM, TCS, BetterU, Simplilearn, Amrita University and many more, thereby leveraging their strengths and creating a rich catalogue of courses to benefit skill seekers. The friendly interface, both available through web portal and an APP makes learning easy; with quick registration process and simple search mechanism helping the candidates find the courses of their choice.

How to register for courses available on NSDC’s eSkillIndia portal

Existing skill trainees registered through NSDC’s approved training partners (government scheme-based or Fee-based models) can use their authenticated NSDC candidate id to access e-courses on eSkillIndia by following a simple registration process. New users can register using either mobile number or email-id to access a wide catalogue of free and paid courses in over 10 languages.

The portal offers a bouquet of e-courses from basic employability enhancing courses such as communication skills, customer services, digital and financial literacy to trade-oriented courses for various sectors such as Retail, Agriculture, Apparel, Healthcare, Automotive, Tourism, etc.

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The online courses available through NSDC’s eSkillIndia portal aim to drive Government’s Skill India Mission digitally. The e-courses shall empower youth to gain basic technical skills, communication skills, financial literacy along with information and communication technology (ICT), and micro entrepreneurial skills for socio economic self-reliance. The online nature of the training provides easy access to the courses from the comfort of their homes across the country.

NSDC’s eSkillIndia aims to train people on key functional skills

The primary aim is to train people on key functional skills to boost their confidence at the start of their wage employment or entrepreneurial journey. The digital skilling content are supported by formative and summative assessments, and e-certification is awarded to the participants upon successful completion of the course.

eSkillIndia also addresses the need for reskilling and upskilling the in-service employees by offering next-gen courses on Big Data, Machine Learning and Analytics, provided by SAS India, IBM and other knowledge providers.

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Courtesy: India Today

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