What Does it Take to Become a Growth Hacker

What Does it Take to Become a Growth Hacker

The educated section has swayed by the power of non-traditional professions like sales & marketing, supply chain or operations’ jobs, data analytics jobs, etc. In the recent times, Growth Hacking has been a regular word of mouth in the startups.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the route through which early-stage startups turn into huge businesses. A Growth Hacker’s weapons are creative and nearly cost-free business strategies for obtaining and maintaining a healthy customer base. There are tools and software that help Growth Hackers (even with no coding experience) to display products and services, gathering traffic, manage contacts, converting simple web visitors to customers, track behavior of website visitors, conduct A/B testing, website optimization, email marketing, inbound marketing, and marketing automation. As there are a plethora of tasks performed by a Growth Hacker, there is a qualification need to become a Growth Hacker. Read below to find it.

Education Qualification of a Growth Hacker

As per the industry goes, if you are an aspiring Growth Hacker, you might need a degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or in a related field. You need to possess strong skills in online and email marketing and website management. Some institutions impart education in Growth Hacking in the below-mentioned modules and provide you with a certificate after course completion –

  • Introduction To Growth Hacking
  • Analysis Of Data And Data Collection
  • Entry Level Coding For Growth Hackers
  • Search Engine Optimization And Organic Customer Acquisition
  • Performing Marketing Campaigns and Acquisition Through Paid Mode
  • Content Marketing And Viral Marketing
  • Skills On Conversion Rate Optimization And Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Skills And User Experience
  • Automation of Marketing

In addition to acquiring skills and knowledge in these, a Growth Hacker should have expertise on technicalities for using software to connect and maintain strong bonding with customers. If you are a Growth Hacker, then you need to know Coding, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and SQL queries. Alongside, engaging Communication Skills to interact without breaks with customers and with no difficulty in collaborating with in-house teams is what you should have.

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As far managerial skills are concerned, a Growth Hacker should be efficient in Project Management so that it is able to complete manifold business processes like tracking website traffic and email marketing campaigns successfully.

Salary Outlook

According to the stats presented by the United States, a Growth Hacker earns an average of $103,397 annually in the country (indeed.com report). This is the salary counted on the estimation done for 419 salaries from previous and present advertisements in the last 36 months by Indeed.

There has been an 8 percent growth for the demand of Growth Hackers according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, Public Relations and Sales from 2016 and it would stay like this till 2026.

Career Opportunities

If you desire to make a career in Growth Hacking, you can progress fast in this field and other related fields. In the fields like Regional Sales Management, Web Development and Customer Marketing Management there are interventions made by Growth Hackers.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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