University launches exclusive web page, portal

It is a one-stop site for learning and teaching during the lockdown period.

Bharathidasan University (BDU) has launched an exclusive web page and portal:, under guidance of Ministry of Human Resource Development, as a one-stop site for staff and students to utilise exhaustive resources for online and digital initiatives for learning and teaching, during the nationwide lockdown period for containment of novel coronavirus.

The site provides links to many tools, books, apps, video lectures and other audio-visual materials.

Instructing the faculty to utilise the resources for teaching students and keep them engaged through the web portal, Vice-Chancellor P. Manisankar said tools such as ZOOM, Google Classroom, Hangout, and Skype are to be leveraged in order to implement online classes.

The web portal was open also for common public to undergo digital experience in many academic domains, Registrar G. Gopinath Ganapathy said in a press release. A short term online course on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Patent Filing has been launched on this platform for the benefit of students and staff, during the lockdown period, he said.

Bio-informatics and Library Sciences and many other departments were in a state of readiness to conduct online classes. Professors were already making use of the large set of resources in its digital library. “With the Central Government creating many Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC) which are available in cyber space, the usage of digital resources has intensified and widened”, Prof. Gopinath said.

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The BDU has classified and channelised all the courses, discipline and faculty wise, such as linguistics, management, science, and arts, and delivers them tot he staff and students through the digital library services and the University website, the release said.

Students had already undergone many courses made available through SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) Application. This digital medium is used by the students to learn 20 % of the syllabi. The BDU has also put to use the resources offered by MIT, IEEE, ACM, SPRINGER and ELSIVIER for the benefit of UG and PG students, and research scholars.

A WhatsApp group for the university teachers ‘BDU family’ is being moderated by the Vice-Chancellor.

The University’s custom-tailored mobile app ‘uLektz’ was a very powerful “learners management system” (LMS) through which students are being delivered video lectures, power points, and other learning materials. Professors were also conducting online exams through this mobile app, the Registrar said.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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