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Avoid These Top Mistakes When Preparing For a Job Interview

Interviewers don’t like candidates that mess up with the very basic rules. Since it is tough to get an interview call, it is not desirable to do so. There are some fascinating and mind-blowing statistics regarding successful job interviews. According to Glassdoor, 250 resumes are attracted by a sudden job opening and only 2 percent of the total number of applicants is called for the interview round. Also, a report presented by Deloitte says that 75 percent of the global workforce will have a millennial population by 2025. So, the right time it is to gear up for making the interview rounds clear of unnecessary mistakes.

A successful job interview is like the statement made by the famous American football coach Vince Lombardi. He said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Conjuring effects in an interview happens only if it is backed with proper preparation. You might have been knocked down by tough interview rounds before, but here are some of the points you can adhere to for avoiding top mistakes when preparing for the next job interviews –

  • Never Appear Uninterested – Employers find time from their busiest schedules to judge your capacity of performing if you get hired. So, it is never advisable to appear uninterested. Show your enthusiasm level from the moment you enter the company premise. Not to mention that you should not use a cellular phone. Ask questions related to the job position and indulge the interviewers in a long run conversation.
  • Not Knowing the Company, Interviewers and Job Role – If you get a call for an interview, start researching about the company. Learn the company’s history, interesting stats and how it became what it is at present. Read about the founders and do not forget to know your interviewers as you will be having the conversation with them. Try to find the interviewers’ education, their career path and experience in the industry from LinkedIn. Getting the knowledge about the job role is as essential as cracking the interview successfully so that you can answer the toughest questions during the interview process.

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  • Not Being Smart – Boggling out everything honestly is not the way of having a ‘Smart Conversation’. Therefore, try not to be a liar but a witty candidate that gives honest answers when needed.
  • Giving Cliché Answers – One of the foremost qualities that interviewers hate to listen to is the cliché answers. Interviewers are human beings and they always search for candidates that have a good presence of mind. Giving cliché answers that you prepared the night before the interview will only bore them.
  • Wrong Attire – Having an awesome physical presence is as important as giving the right answers. Not wearing the perfect attire or the ones mentioned is wrong. It only shows your negligence in following the norms set by the company. Hence, you must follow the company rules and have the correct clothing for maintaining a positive body language.
  • Not Following Up – Post interview sessions, it is better to follow up with the interviewers via email to thank them for making time and conducting the interview. This shows how much you are interested in working for them. However, do not make it tough for the interviewer by sending a pile of emails or calling them. It will act against you.

Other than these mentioned points, points, like using online resume makers, not reading the job description thoroughly or forgetting to update the social media channels, hurt the candidates’ interview scores. Discussing about the salary expectation in the first round or the telephonic round is also not recommended.

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