Top Distance Learning Institutes in India Jewellery Design & Technology Institute

Top Distance Learning Institutes in India – Jewellery Design & Technology Institute

Jewellery Design & Technology Institute

About the Institute

JDTI (Jewellery Design & Technology Institute) , a division of Orosil Smiths India Limited, is a model institute setup to provide the much needed skilled professionals to the ever-growing jewellery industry.

Conceptualized by Orosil Smiths India Ltd. (formerly known as Silver Smith India Ltd.) and founded in 1999, JDTI has become an active part of jewellery industry and educational sector with large strength of students and well experienced academic staff. It has build a strong infrastructure, offering rich knowledge about Jewellery designing that maximizes your awareness and skill sets. It is the institute, which is known for providing extensive exposure in Jewellery manufacturing in well-equipped workshops with the availability of advance tools and technologies.

The institute was run as a division of Silver Smith India Ltd. during the period of 1999 – 2009, during 2009 – 2014 under the aegis of BKN Education Society. The institute was no-operative and academic activities were non-functional between 2014-2018. After receiving overwhelming response and increased demand of jewellery professional from the industry, the company has decided to re-start the activities with the existing infrastructure at it’s own premises.

The institute is deeply committed to every aspect of sustainable development, regarding Jewellery designing and manufacturing. The Jewellery Design & Technology Institute aims to impart a high level of education and training to its students, thereby enhancing the product quality of Indian Jewellery and expanding its reach in the domestic as well as international markets.

We firmly believe that if you can’t make jewellery, you can’t design jewellery. All ideas require the appropriate means for their realisation. With this underlying concept, JDTI promises to give its aspirants the right kind of education which helps them translate their ideas into reality.


JDTI is conducting courses on various aspects of jewellery design & technology.

These are:

  • Long-Term Programmes
  • Programmes in Jewellery Designing
  • Programmes in Jewellery Manufacturing
  • PRogrammes in Gemstones & Diamonds
  • Other Specialised Courses
  • Distance Learning Programme
  • Individually Customised Programme

Contact details

Phone: 9811992924

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