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Python, R, Scilab and much more extraordinary valuable programming languages, learn as free

Spoken Tutorial is a multi-award winning educational content portal. Here one can learn various Free and Open Source Software all by oneself. Our self-paced, multi-lingual courses ensure that anybody with a computer and a desire for learning, can learn from any place, at any time and in a language of their choice. All the content published on this website are shared under the CC BY SA license.

Courses are simple and easy to follow even for a beginner but they also meet the growing needs of the learner. Our engaging digital content ensures that learning happens at all levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Our content mandates side-by-side practice thereby ensuring that learners are actively learning. Many of the software taught, are used in various disciplines of Engineering, pure Sciences and several other Under-Grad and Post-Grad studies, and can be extended to Commerce, Arts and Management streams as well. Alongside these, there are some courses relevant at School level, too, which help school students to visualise difficult concepts of Math and Science. These can also be used by Teachers to prepare lesson plans, explain abstract concepts and give digital assignments to students.

Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR) is a gateway for Educational Empowerment System. IIR is a solution provider for higher educational empowerment through Research, Journals and Publications, Conferences, Training and Development, Placement, Educational Quality Management System (E-QMS), consultancy Services National and International Accreditations with ranking.

Free Online Software Training will be provided for  both Faculty and Students, after successful completion of training certification was certified by Spoken Tutorial, IIT Mumbai and IIR, Chennai.

IIT Mumbai – Spoken Tutorial authorized Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR), India to organize sequence of Faculty Development, Students Skill Development program (Both Schools and Colleges) from 20th May 2020 onwards.

Five Days Skill Development Software Training Program Details

1. Arduino to build digital devices and interactive objects

2. C and C++ for Basic Programming

3. Joomla for building websites Moodle Learning Management System for Online Teaching

4. Scilab for Mathematical and scientific Applications

5. Python 3.4.3 for Artificial Application Development

6. R for Statistical Analysis

7. RDBMS for modern database systems

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