My First Boss in association with WOW Happiness to conduct Free webinar on ‘CHEERFUL SMILES AND HAPPINESS, YOUR CHOICE FOR LIFE.’

My First Boss in association with WOW Happiness is all set to conduct a webinar on  ‘CHEERFUL SMILES AND HAPPINESS, YOUR CHOICE FOR LIFE’ on May 30 & 31, 2020. The webinar will be conducted live on the Zoom app from 12 pm onwards on Saturday &  Sunday. Candidates/Interested members can register for the webinar which is free of cost.

The Keynote Speaker, Mr. PK Khurana, The Integrated Success & Happiness Coach. 

With COVID 19 Pandemic on raise, the number of job offers has gone down. With this, a grand crisis has started not just with economical drift, but with a high sense of personal disaster. With great despair in financial conditions, families have shattered down to bits and rags. With MNCs and high profile corporates having pay cuts and dropouts, candidates and corporates have no choice but to sulk down in deeper trance.

To ease out the situation and to make a better atmosphere, My First Boss™ and Wow Happiness collaborate together with a webinar that can lend a helping hand to get corporate employees and employers above their current level of lost hope.

Here we are, put up at this point to make sure your life is being bestowed with two major elements of living.

● The first one — Your Career — To make sure that you and your family are financially Safe.

● And Secondly – The most important aspect of your life – Your Happiness.

My First Boss™, a pioneer in placement activities is here to help you out with finding a good job for yourself and to solve your despair.

Mr. PK Khurana, the renowned Integrated Success & Happiness Coach is here to refresh your mind spaces and give you dozes of happiness quotient to make you extremely satisfied and grateful with your life. So why wait, Hop-On!

In his four burner theory, James Clear has mentioned, “To Live a life peacefully we need to have four life influencing elements. Health, Work, Family, Friends” And everybody agrees to it. Because, every time in life with every influence we do, we have our end goal aligned to attaining any of this. We as humans, consider these factors as the most important ones. But if we raise a question of “Are we getting all of this?” then most of us have no right answer. So to take you to the point of attaining the financial and mental aspects of human requirements, here we have this webinar. A webinar with exclusive features of My First Boss and Wow Happiness.

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With this COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world economical condition, you might wonder why everybody around is pulling the edge over this microscopic living being that dominates our way of living. Because of this, we are losing the major deadlines of our lives and grudging over things that generally don’t bother us. In this context, with all those pressures happening around us we take too much stress into our brains. Because of this, we keep on fighting with colleagues, bosses, peers, friends, spouses, children, other family members, and even with ourselves. It is an unending fight with no results at all.

All this causes depression, break-ups, divorces, and even suicides! None of these seems unusual in these troubled days. We see even successful people committing suicide, despite being rich and resourceful but because they were not happy. Lack of happiness forces people to resort to the extreme step. To fight against all of these, and to come to a position where we are happy in our lives here I am today, presenting you the magical secrets of ​WOW HAPPINESS.​

This unique webinar will help you set out on a journey of Success & Happiness. External situations may or may not change soon, but the inner transformation that you will undergo will change everything for you.

You shall have tools so as to move on with one element we crave on is a carefree and happy life. The unique webinar will make this real for you. This webinar will make your life worth loads of joy and happiness and will recharge you and to get better in whatever you are currently doing.

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