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Rajasthan Technical education department proposes engineering admissions based on Class 12 results

The higher and technical education department has sent a proposal to minister Subhash Garg that this year, admissions in government engineering colleges be given based on Class XII board exam results. This is unlike last year when admissions were given based on JEE rankings and then Class XII results were considered.

In February and March 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic, government advertised in newspapers that this year, engineering entrance exam will be conducted on the basis of JEE marks. Since the pandemic started, dates to conduct JEE entrance exams were shifted further and now it is likely to be conducted in July. As the entrance exam is delayed, results will be delayed as well.

Hence, state’s higher and technical education department cancelled the advertisements and decided that admission through board exam results would start the session sooner. The government is yet to take any decision on it.

Manish Gupta, additional secretary, of the higher and technical education while talking to TOI said, “There are many suggestions given to the government to fill the seats as soon as possible, due to the delay owing to the pandemic. These are just suggestions at present, but nothing has been decided yet,” said Gupta.

Rajasthan Primary and Secondary Education Teachers’ Association vice-president, Vipin Sharma has written a letter to the government criticizing the proposal. “If this is implemented, then students dropping out after Class XII will be able to take admission on their previous year results. It is better to set a bench mark to get good ranking students in government engineering colleges,” said Vipin.

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However, some people are finding this to be a positive step. Puneet Sharma, technical education expert says that there is not going to be any significant change by selecting students on the basis Class XII board exams.

“Till last year, only 30% selections were made on the basis of JEE exams as most of the good rankers prefer colleges outside state. Rest of the seats are filled on basis of Class XII board exams, which is usually delayed. So, government is just doing away with this process,” said Sharma.

He further said, “Students taking admission on board exam basis used to find it difficult to get student loans as banks prefer admission through JEE results. Moreover, this year due to the fear of the pandemic, parents would prefer to keep children within the state. So, this is beneficial for the future of the students.”

Courtesy: TOI

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