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uLektz Partnered with Kerala State RUTRONIX in Collaboration with METTSS

uLektz is honoured to announce the implementation of an AI-Powered Digital Campus System for the esteemed Kerala State RUTRONIX in collaboration with Media Technology Training & Software Solutions (METTSS), Thiruvananthapuram.

Kerala State RUTRONIX is authorized by the Govt. of Kerala to conduct Professional computer courses. The Government has approved 10 Computer Courses currently offered by Kerala State RUTRONIX. In addition to these courses, Kerala State RUTRONIX also conducts several other Computer Courses aimed at equipping students for self-employment. METTSS is a registered firm with the department of registration, Govt. of Kerala. The main objective of the firm is to carry out the business of organizing education and training programmes and to provide business support services.

uLektz in collaboration with METTSS has made a breakthrough in the field of higher education by providing white-labelled solution with an AI-powered Campus system and Android Mobile App for Kerala State RUTRONIX.

Direct link to download the app via Google play

This Rx CMS App has enabled thousands of students from 250+ institutions under RUTRONIX to continue their courses without any major disruption during the lockdown and post lockdown woes. It has provided an intense and uncondensed digital transformation to the typical classroom scenario by offering a complete AI-powered Digital Campus System for Education, Skill Development, and Careers.

uLektz Campus App provides an environment for RUTRONIX to manage all their administrative tasks such as Time-Table scheduling, Attendance, Online Fee Payment, etc; in just a finger’s touch!

This system also helps their students to continue their education and their faculty members to continue their teaching through online classes and conduct online assessments. uLektz also provides another unique ‘classroom’ like feature wherein the faculties can conduct hassle-free e-proctored tests.

In addition to this, the system provides them with a Digital Library of Learning Resources with 5000+ curated ebooks, videos and journals, Online Skill Courses, and much more with complete backend support.

uLektz highly values this initiative of RUTRONIX in collaboration with METTSS which helps thousands of students to study online.

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