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IIM Indore to launch first of its kind course on people analytics and digital HR

Jigsaw Academy, a Manipal Global Investee Company, in partnership with the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, has announced the launch of a new certification program on People Analytics and Digital HR.

This initiative will help learners grasp the nuances of People Analytics and Digital HR and is aimed at addressing the need for data and fact-based decision-making strategy, amidst the challenges of the changing work environment, especially in a pandemic and post-pandemic world.

Data-based decision making in HR is a much-needed tool:

Extensive market research conducted by Jigsaw Academy and IIM Indore indicates that the fact and data-based decision making in the HR space is no longer a luxury. Rather, it is a much-needed tool that is sought after by professionals irrespective of their job role and career stage.

During these uncertain times caused by the pandemic, where the workforce has undergone a sea change in just a few months, upgrading the current HR practices is the optimal solution to keep business running.

The programme, prudently designed by IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy, pioneers in the area of analytics and management to enable modern-day organisations and their HR practices to embrace and leverage the benefits of analytics and digital HR.

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Speaking on the occasion, Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, said, “IIM Indore’s mission is to be a contextually relevant business school, and a program on people analytics is the need of the hour. With changing work patterns and culture amidst the pandemic, the industry requirements are also changing.”

“This is the time when digital human resource management has an important role to play. We believe that this short-term course, with 40plus hours of live instructor-led virtual classroom sessions from the expert faculty members from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy, will help the participants become ready for the coming times.”

This would also help them in gaining effective understanding through self-assessment quiz and assignments, making the curriculum world class, Himanshu Rai added.

While talking about this collaborative initiative, Gaurav Vohra, CEO and co-founder of Jigsaw Academy, said, “The ability to decipher data-based insights as well as the understanding of analytics and its implementation is a must-have skill for someone who specialises in workforce management.”

“We are excited to see how HR professionals leverage the perspective they gain on human resource management through the People Analytics and Digital HR programme.”

About the course:

The course will provide a platform to define real world business problems faced in the fields of attrition, employee engagement, hiring, learning and development and teach people how to find statistical solutions for these problems.

It aims to equip human resource professionals with the right analytics and digital HR tools to make smarter decisions in terms of seamless utilisation of available resources (tangible and intangible) in a continuously evolving professional world.

Courtesy: India Today

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