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Forensics may be a subject in LLB course this is why

The Centre may consider introducing forensics as a separate subject in the LLB course considering the shortage of forensic experts in India and the huge demand for studying law courses in the country.

The suggestion was made to the MHA by forensic experts who discussed the issues faced by “forensic science set-up in India”. Many suggestions were made in Tuesday’s webinar by the NHRC which concluded with a view that the country lacks adequate number of forensic laboratories and manpower.

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The human rights body member Jyotika Karla said, “NHRC believes it is the certainty of the sentence and not gravity of it that deters a person from committing a crime and certainty of sentence can only come with solid evidence and proper use of forensic science.”

Over 190 participants of the webinar which included officials of the home ministry, state governments, police forces, medical experts, and officials of country’s forensic laboratories. Other suggestions like making photography, videography of post mortem more professional, the need to improve mortuary setup.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express

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