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1. Re-Wire your Hidden Beliefs     
Author | Mrs.Lalitha Chandrasekhar


Many times in life, we are struck on thoughts that hinders our manifestation and make our goals difficult to attain. Let us change those hidden beliefs to rewire ourselves in order to successfully attain our desires. This can be achieved by a three-minute exercise.


Here we go…!


Take 3 deep breaths…. Inhale deep and exhale….. Count 3 times slowly and focus on your breath. Do not worry about other thoughts that come to your mind. In its presence try to concentrate on your breath.


Think about the difficult situations you come across in your career/workplace or family on a daily basis that does not allow you to progress further.…. Now, think of a person who is close to you….he/she can be your friend/ mentor/ role model and think the problem from their perspective and how they would have approached and dealt with the same issues you are currently going through and then try to answer these questions.


Why he/ she is struck on the situation without being able to progress further?

What makes him/her feel less confident of themselves?

What emotions arise during the process and what does it convey?


When we try and able to answer these questions,  is when we get a  considerable level of clarity on the problem which in turn reduces our stress and gives us more self- confidence thus paving the way to self-realization. Gradually, our brain begins to refurbish all the constructing beliefs when we are confronted with strenuous situations.


Therefore, let us all practice this powerful exercise for twenty-one days and bear positive results. All the best to you all…


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