Mumbai University Results Record 95 percent pass BCom 96 percent clear LLB

In what seems to be unprecedented, over 95% of the 64,000 third year BCom students of Mumbai University cleared the exams held this month amid the pandemic.

In the final year LLB exams, too, 96% have passed, with 50% bagging first class. In a course where top scores in a subject are usually in the 65-70 range, at least four students have scored 400/400 in theory papers. Close to 600 students scored 100 in one, two or three out of four papers.

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The passing percentage in TY BCom usually hovers in the 70% range, and in LLB it’s lower, but many expected inflated scores this time as the questions were in MCQ (multiple choice questions) format and students took the exams online from home.

Around 4,400 students took the final year LLB (semester VI) exam. The exam for the 2019-20 batch was held early this month, after a lot of vacillation and litigation over its conduct during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“These results cannot be compared with previous years as exams were never taken in this format. Also, in MCQ format, if the difficulty level is not very high, there is scope for scoring full marks. You get a zero or full marks for the question you attempt. If you attempt all questions correctly, you are bound to get the perfect score,” said an official.

A law student, who scored 100/100 in one subject, said the government’s stance may have been right in the beginning. “Since they were not equipped to hold exams in a pandemic, the average scores of students’ previous performances could have been more realistic. With unprecedented scores, UGC’s argument over not compromising the standard of education does not hold ground. These marks would anyway put a question mark on validity of work we have done in previous semesters too,” said the student.

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The university started announcing results of final year exams for 2019-20 batch early this week. Results for TYBCom are the most awaited every year, as they have most students taking the exam. While the university announced results for TYBCom, LLB and BMM students on Thursday, results for other exams such as TYBA are expected in a day or two.

A principal said getting full marks in an objective-based exam was not difficult. “Colleges were told to keep simplified questions and not tricky ones. In the pandemic, everyone had to keep the exams student-friendly. In the given circumstances, MCQ format was probably the best option before the state. Also students were taking the exam from home, and online proctoring in many cases was not foolproof,” said the principal, adding that students had an hour to attempt 25 questions.

For students’ convenience, the university allowed them to get a copy of their statement of marks in PDF format on the university’s website. Vice-chancellor Suhas Pednekar said the university gave top priority to results of regular and backlog exams. Results of important exams are being made available in a short span on the university portal and efforts are being made to release other results on time too, he said.

Courtesy: TOI

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