A Letter From our CEO

A Letter From Our CEO

Dear All,

In spite of the Global Pandemic and countless nation-wide lockdowns, 2020 has been an interesting year for uLektz Pvt Ltd. We endured, we analysed, we planned and finally, we executed all the measures that were needed to strive in a dynamic industry like ours, during testing times like a global pandemic. Thanks to all the efforts of our clients, partners, employees and users, we are on the track to deliver value to the education field with strong backing from our investors. 

During the past 12 months, uLektz’s journey had numerous adventures and hurdles which we were able to tackle, thanks to the diligent efforts of our employees. Though in certain areas we were compelled to take a detour from the goal we had in mind, we compensated all those losses with the invaluable experiences we gained. Here is a glimpse of our journey we had in the past year. 

We Cared:

Due to the unforeseen global pandemic 2020, the world faced adverse and drastic economic repercussion on various industries and businesses. Sadly many companies were compelled to cut-short their teams to an affordable number. Still, when other large scale brands and businesses were laying off and cutting pays, we ensured that none of our employee’s salaries was reduced. We supported our professional family in every way possible, by facing the challenges of the global pandemic as one single unit.  And having seen the negative economic consequences of COVID, we decided to support our society in ways we can. We created high paying jobs for both experienced candidates and freshers and we expanded our team to its current capacity.  

We Created

One of the worst affected industry during the pandemic was the education industry. Due to Coronavirus and its risk factors, many educational institutions were compelled to shut down and adopt an online model for their daily activities. During these dire times, government and other major players in the society came to together to assist one another in every way possible. For our part, we made sure that learning should not be interrupted at any cost. We created more user-friendly, cost-effective learning management solutions, that delivered online courses through a series of audio-video live lecturing applications and online exams.

We Collaborated

With challenges comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. This pandemic made us wise, through the realisation that uncertainties, both natural or man-made can be mitigated only when the human race took a united stand to face the hurdles that were thrown at our path. With this lesson in mind, uLektz created a global education ecosystem where both developing and under-developing countries could thrive. We partnered with Global Universities, Education Councils and Research Facilities to assure that the right to education is not restricted to anyone because of the pandemic.

We Delivered

As the pandemic resulted in major changes in global lifestyle, work ethics and education preferences we brought in more domains of study in our skill courses and ebooks and delivered it to to a wide range of audience across the globe. Also, through our LMS and uLektz 360° apps, we made sure that the Universities and Institutions in India made a smooth transition into the new normal. We provided them with all the necessary tools and knowledge that were needed, to deliver uncompromised education, for their students, by keeping up with the latest Educational Policies and Accreditations that were released by the Government.

We Diversified

We believe that every individual has the capacity for unique ideas and the greater heights can be achieved when minds from different races, ethnicities and geographical locations come together for one single goal, in our case- “Ensuring Learning Continuity”. So we diversified and expanded to include every passionate educator out there, as part of our efforts for a better future in the education field. 

When this year comes to an end, it is our honour to celebrate all our customers and employees achievements. With a balanced portfolio of businesses and availability of diverse opportunities for development, we are excited to face the upcoming year with a well-earned positive outlook. We take this occasion to wish a happy and prosperous new year to all our customers and employees. 

For the upcoming year 2021, we look forward to the journey of revolutionising the education industry that creates a better and bright future for our most treasured assets- you, our customers.

M. Sadiq Sait,

Founder and CEO

uLektz Learning Solutions, Pvt Ltd.

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