Nobel Prize Winners 2020

Is winning the Nobel Prize, a final destination or another goal to be ticked off?

Even during the pandemic, December 10 passed us by and with it came the usual festivities of Nobel Prize Ceremony. But 2020’s Nobel prize award ceremony would mark one exception in history. The ceremony didn’t start at the Stockholm concert hall, the Nobel laureates didn’t receive their medal from the King of Sweden, no banquets were given at Stockholm city hall or any parties hosted after that. No, this year the festivities happened online. The entire ceremony was hosted online, the 2020 Nobel prize winners received their awards online and the speeches were given online. 

Still, this recent exception didn’t hamper the feeling of jubilation of this year’s Nobel laureates or the pride of their fellow colleagues, friends and families about such remarkable achievements. Nothing can ever damp down this special award or the recognition it offers. But the way the reward is perceived differs from one Nobel laureate to the other. For some, it is the pinnacle in their professional career, for others, it just marks the beginning of another journey. It makes one wonder how the dream about receiving the Nobel prize is perceived? Is it a goal in one’s path or the destination of one’s path? 

The Nobel prize- a Philanthropist Scientist’s Dream

A scientist always knows that an answer to a question lies with the data surrounding the question. To arrive at an answer to the above question we need to look at the data surrounding the Nobel Prize, starting with the reason behind this award. 

After living a long life and changing the will thrice, Alfred Nobel’s will proved to be one big shocker to his family and friends. In his last will, the Swedish Innovator has mentioned clearly that all his remaining realisable assets are to be converted to safe securities to constitute a fund which should be distributed annually as prizes to “those who during the preceding year have conferred the greatest benefit to the humankind.” Though Alfred Nobel’s will was first met with numerous oppositions, mainly from his family, 5 years after his death his dream was realised.

During his lifetime Dr Nobel’s pursuit of scientific discovery and innovations never stopped and after his death, his wish to pursue hope still continues. When the proprietor of this award has lived a life in which even death didn’t stop the pursuit of what he believed in, how can the same Noble prize be a final destination then?

Life after Nobel

So if it’s not the destination that the final goal then what to do after one achieves this particular goal? What does life look like for those who had won a Nobel prize? 

Well, the perks alone are numerous, including a gold medal, a Nobel diploma, a cash prize (worth more than a million) and of course the main cachet- the Nobel. Looking beyond these quantitive benefits, there are some quality perks for winning the Nobel- the feeling of being empowered over a dream one nurtures, the sense of accomplishment for showing a realistic result for a life-ling passion and of course the recognition that one receives as a result. But for a dreamer, these perks alone will not suffice. After realising the dream of winning the Nobel, he/she is even more eager to achieve the next dream, to pursue another goal, and to dedicate their life for a different passion. Because dreamers are never satisfied with achieving only one single dream during their lifetime. Their life continues, by chasing another dream, either responsibly with a dedicated vision or recklessly with an unchained passion. 

Can a Nobel laureate have a “happily ever after” ending?

Winning the Nobel price will always be an achievement that would remain close to one’s heart. But may it be a scientist or a humanitarian with a cause, who had won the Nobel, their job is never done until their last breath. After the Nobel comes another chapter and challenge to face. Its never a “happily ever after” ending for these laureates. As these people are not just some fantasy prince or princesses with one dream to envision, they are our real-life heroes with a dedicated vision that keeps evolving as time passes. 


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