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uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to honor, Top 10 Most Committed NGOs Rejuvenating the Education Sector in India, for the Year 2020

uLektz Wall of Fame

An initiative to identify, recognise & award the contributors to higher education

Many major players in our field are diligently contributing to the education needs of our current and future generations. While people who could afford education approach main-stream players like private schools and training institutions, it is the NGOs who answer the education needs of the poor people and street kids of our society. Government records show that more than 60% of our young generation have dropped out before completing third grade. It is these children that the NGOs of our country are trying to support and make them future-ready. This month, uLektz takes immense pride in celebrating the achievements of NGOs who are renovating our education industry. 

uLektz Wall of Fame is proud to honour “Top 10 Most Committed NGOs Rejuvenating the Education Sector in India” who are making significant strides in educating the younger generation of India. This award honours the amazing education NGOs who are transforming Indian education for a better future. 

uLektz wants to encourage, reward, and publicly acknowledge all these NGOs who are impacting higher education in unique ways. The basic idea behind this award is to honour those who have demonstrated a sustained commitment in advancing higher education through actions or initiatives through our News Portal www.ulektznews.com.

Please submit your Nominations by completing the online form and uploading the supporting documents. 

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Last date for Submitting your nominations: January 29, 2021

Finalists Announcement Date: January 31, 2021


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