Anna University to hold mock trials for new AI Based Proctored Online Exam System

CHENNAI:  Anna University has issued instructions for engineering students across the State who will be taking their online proctored November/December 2020 semester exams in February. This will be the second time the varsity is conducting an online exam that will be partially monitored by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The varsity will conduct mock tests for students on Friday and Saturday when students can check for technical issues. The exams will start on February 1. The dates for mock tests for arrear or distance education candidates are yet to be finalised, and the online exams for these candidates will begin on February 13, the varsity said.

The hour-long exam paper has been set in the multiple-choice question (MCQ) pattern and will be conducted for 60 marks, which will subsequently be converted to 100 marks. Half of the paper will be one-mark questions and the other half will be shared by two 15-mark analytical questions. For B Arch and M Arch students, marks will be divided between the theory course paper and viva voce exam.

Students have been asked to use the same smart device for both the mock test and the final exam and clear their browser history before the exam starts. Candidates must allow camera, location, and audio device access when prompted. If they don’t, they will not be able to appear for the exam or the remote proctor may disable the exam.

The proctored online exam system uses AI to detect and record facial emotions, eye movements and other activities without hindering the exam. A remote invigilator or an invigilating squad will also monitor the candidates.

The previous semester’s exam was also held online. While many students reported technical difficulties during the previous semester’s mock test, as per the university’s internal audit, 90 per cent of students completed the exam without any difficulty.

Rules for candidates
They must allow the camera, location, and audio device access when prompted, and have been asked to use the same smart device for both the mock test and the final exam.

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