100+ Online Courses On-Demand, A much-needed initiative which adheres to AICTE Mandate

100+ Online Courses On-Demand, A much-needed initiative which adheres to AICTE Mandate

uLektz Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, a SaaS-based software provider in Education field, has released and consolidated a series of 100+ online courses under its Skills platform to ensure that the mandate which AICTE released, are adhered and followed by Universities across the country.

Some time back, All India Council of Technical Education released a mandate to ensure that the social and communication skills of the students are on-par with the demand and the need in the market, both nationally and internationally. This mandate was issued to answer the growing concerns of underemployment among engineering graduates. Hence to prepare them for the national/international level job-markets, AICTE has mandated skilling and internship requisites to its engineering graduates.

The latest launch of 100+ online courses from uLektz’s flagship skill platform- uLektz Skills, is to enable to support the Educational Institutions comply with the above-mentioned AICTE mandate.

As part of this much-needed initiative, uLektz offers online courses with projects and internships exclusively for all the higher education students. These wide ranges of courses were created by keeping in mind the university syllabus and existing and latest industry practices. The online model of these courses ensures that the courses are available on-demand, any time for students of Colleges & Universities who have opted for the same.

100+ Online Courses Benefits for Institutions.

  • Courses are designed aligning to the industry requirements.
  • Courses are created by experienced and expert faculty members from reputed colleges/universities to give an interactive and enriched learning experience.
  • Module wise online assessments to measure learner’s understanding.

100+ Online Courses Benefits for Students

  • Courses are designed to help the students meet their educational goals and score higher marks in their university examinations.
  • An internationally recognized and digitally verifiable course completion certificate from uLektz Academy.
  • Course materials include text-based study materials and curated videos for conceptual learning.
  • Students from registered Institutions/Universities can access any number of courses.
  • Students get an opportunity to work on short term projects. They will be provided with internship opportunities as per AICTE Internship Policy.

Since the onset of Covid in our day-to-day lives, many industries have opted online way of doing things. Following the same trend, the above initiative guarantees that the learning curve of students should not be affected under any circumstances.

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