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Old Adults can now become New Students- thanks to Virtual Classes

From politics to COVID-19 vaccines, there are many things happening in the world today that can disturb one’s peace of mind. If you’re finding you’re in need of a positive distraction, local nonprofit San Diego Oasis encourages older adults 50 and up to attend its diverse online classes happening nearly every day of the week year-round. Online classes and events are either free or low-cost. A list of San Diego Oasis’ February and March classes and events can be viewed now on the nonprofit’s website at sandiegooasis.org.

“It’s more important than ever to keep our older adult community-engaged physically and mentally,” says Simona Valanciute, president and CEO, San Diego Oasis. “The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed our way of living, but also our bodies and minds. Older adults are experiencing these changes, but when coupled with prolonged social isolation it can cause the ageing process to happen much faster than expected. Our online classes are the remedy to battle the challenges the pandemic has thrown their way. We provide exercise and flexibility classes, technology workshops, and so much more, giving our students an array of classes that will keep them active and independent to help stop the ageing clock.”

Older adults ages 50 and over are not only in the highest risk category of contracting the coronavirus but also for social isolation and loneliness. One study says that prolonged isolation and loneliness is equivalent, and as lethal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. But when older adults live their life with purpose and actively engage, they are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and also retain strong hand grips and walking speeds, as well as have a positive attitude and feel more connected and curious to explore the world.

Ways to Get Involved with San Diego Oasis in 2021
Whether it be a fitness class, an art class or a history class, San Diego Oasis has a topic of interest for anyone anywhere in the world. The nonprofit strives to make its classes, workshops and events accessible to older adults not just across the region, but also around the globe. Due to the pandemic, the organization’s recent annual Fitness-Palooza event went virtual, making the videos attainable internationally at any time. This is an on-demand option that provides older adults anywhere the opportunity to stay on top of their fitness and wellness goals in the new year.

In collaboration with Cox Communications, San Diego Oasis also hosts multiple free technology-focused classes, including tips on how to use smartphones, social media, and Zoom, as well as buying and selling online, computer basics and more. “Cox Presents” classes in February, March and April are now available on San Diego Oasis’ website.

If you have a parent or grandparent who is isolated and alone during the pandemic, then you understand the need for brain stimulation and socialization for older adults. San Diego Oasis works to change the way people experience ageing and encourages them to pursue meaningful lives through education and service, as well as strives to provide engagement, learning and peer communication to the older adult population to keep them active, healthy and involved in the world. To support the nonprofit’s efforts, consider making a donation to the organization at sandiegooasis.org.

Why Are Online Classes for Older Adults Important
While other senior recreation programs went on hiatus or closed their doors, the pandemic has not slowed San Diego Oasis down. The nonprofit moved all of their classes online successfully becoming a “senior centre without walls,” offering hundreds of workshops to combat social isolation among older adults and to encourage community, connection, and conversation. And by shifting their classes online, they are attracting an audience from all over the U.S., not just San Diego, and are also hosting instructors from world-class institutions.

San Diego Oasis has been the pioneers of senior engagement for nearly 40 years, and are the best at it. The organization welcomes seniors who may have had their favourite senior or community centre shut down, and they can get involved now with programs designed just for them. To take a class, visit www.sandiegooasis.org for more information. Let San Diego Oasis provide relief and solace from the current state of our nation, to create a true “oasis” for older adults anywhere.

San Diego Oasis, an award-winning nonprofit organization, is on a mission to change the way people experience ageing and pursue vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives through education and community service. The community-based organization hosts over 3,000 workshops annually at over 40 locations to 5,600 active participants throughout San Diego County and is now delivering programs and workshops with their virtual senior centre in response to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place health order. The nonprofit’s Intergenerational Literacy Tutoring Program matches an older adult in the life of an at-risk, low-income student in grades K-4. Their flagship centre, located in La Mesa’s Grossmont Center, is an exemplary model of engagement for people age 50 and better. Learn more at www.SanDiegoOasis.org, connect on Facebook or call 619-881-6262.

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