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Nirma University to conduct ‘International Teaching Month’

The Institute of Law of Nirma University will be virtually hosting over 70 speakers from across the world during its flagship programme ‘International Teaching Month’, over February. The keynote address will be delivered by Judge Thomas Griffith, former federal judge of the US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit on Wednesday on the issue of civility and the law, and how, public debates need more civility.

The speakers from fields of judiciary, diplomacy, academics, public policy, clinical legal education and practice from countries like United States of America, Brazil, Peru, Bosnia, Hungary, Germany, Italy Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Sweden, Spain, London, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Russia, Bangladesh, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Romania and India will be addressing various issues during the programme over this month.

Also, professors from universities including Penn State Law; Hull University; University of Wisconsin; University of Piura; University of Szeged; Faculty of Law, Muni; University of Dhakha; Columbia University; University of Bocconni; University of Zagreb; Peking University; Comillas University; Stockholm University and University of Notre Dame among others are among the speakers who will share experiences through webinars, speeches and panel discussions.

“It will also give a comparative approach to subjects such as the Constitution, by discussing constitutions of the European, American and Latin countries, legal history and also comparative corporate law. Different panels will also analyse varied facets of human rights, arbitration and leadership and entrepreneurship building. Besides this, participants will also be exposed to the chosen legal systems of the world like America and the European Union,” said Prof Vikas Trivedi, Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, Nirma University.

Contemporary and relevant areas of law such as judicial ethics, human trafficking, negotiation of complex business transactions, animal laws, artificial intelligence and copyright will be explored during the programme, he added.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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