Maharashtra Cabinet clears norms, bill for self-financed skill universities

The Maharashtra Cabinet chaired by the Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday approved the guidelines and model bill for setting up private skill universities in the state on a permanent self-financed basis. The bill will be tabled in the budget session of the state legislature.

The self-financed universities will be established under the “Skilled Maharashtra – Employed Maharashtra” on the lines of Skill India. Self-financed skill development will come upon 1 lakh sq ft constructed area in Mumbai and other cities while they will come upon 10 acres of land in rural areas. The promoter of the self-financed university will have to submit a deposit of Rs 10 crore with the state government.

The decision was taken based on the recommendations made by the committee constituted on February 20 last year. The committee consisted of former Vice-Chancellors of universities and the principals of reputed colleges. The committee had recommended the establishment of skill universities both in the public and private sector.

The self-financed skill universities will offer Degree, Diploma, Post Graduate Degree, Certificate courses in the field of skill development.

Similarly, a diploma and degree based on skill courses will be provided with special focus on training in industry and service sector as well as employment and self-employment sector.

Courtesy: Free Press Journal


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