CSIR UGC NET June 2020 results

A revolution in online education

The Indian education system has always been theoretically-driven, which has created a gap between imparted knowledge and skill expectations in industry. This has focused attention on the importance of skill-based education or vocational training from a young age. With this in mind, the edtech sector has begun introducing skill-based and vocational courses in their modules.

The government has introduced policies such as National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) and the National Education Policy (NEP) to create a new world of innovation and creativity. The NSQF is meant develop an interlink between a child’s educational assessment and to his/her aptitude and skills.

Importance of Robotics and STEM

Robotics and other STEM disciplines have gained the interest of youth and can help catapult the next wave of entrepreneurs in India. as it is becoming increasingly common among the start-up culture. STEM education teaches children important skills such as analytical thinking, programming, teamwork, collaborative thinking, innovation, and more.

Robotics has also seen an upsurge in demand in multiple industries, from assembling machine parts and loading cargo to humanoid robots and delivery bots and drones. According to a report by the International Federation(IFR), the sales of industrial robots in India reached a record-breaking 4,771 new units in 2018. This is largely due to the fact that technology will be ubiquitous in the next-generation work culture.

What’s in store

Currently, edtech is cluttered with big players who are all similar to one another but consumers are also beginning to realise the need for diversity. This provides a ray of hope for upcoming start-ups. The platforms are also seeing a shift from over-dependence on online preparation forums for competitive tests and K-12 teaching to a more STEM-based approach, which will lead to a drastic shift in the future.

Courtesy – The Hindu

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