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Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics


Marketing in today’s digital-first world is powered by dynamic trends, technology, and metrics that have made digital marketing not just an essential skill to stay relevant but also to stay ahead of the competitors. When powered by analytics, digital marketing can persuade customers, improve brand awareness, and multiply revenue.

As customer behaviour and media habits shift towards digital platforms and tools, businesses can gain a competitive advantage from processing and analysing large-scale consumer data and user insights to drive business performance and impact. Also, as digital ad spends trump traditional marketing and advertising budgets globally, the demand for skilled digital marketing and analytics professionals is outstripping supply.

IIT Bombay’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics provides an immersive learning experience in gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing platforms and tools as well as techniques and metrics. This program delivered via live online sessions will enable marketing, sales, business professionals and entrepreneurs to expand their organisation’s market share through digital marketing and learn how to measure and predict their digital marketing ROI to accelerate business growth

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  • Develop unique and comprehensive digital marketing strategies ranging across digital marketing platforms
  • Design persuasive online advertising campaigns to launch new products or brands, or incentivise offline consumer buying
  • Use descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytical models to estimate or predict return on investments in digital marketing
  • Allocate funds and streamline efforts across various marketing channels to meet marketing or business objectives
  • Take advantage of latest analytics trends to increase digital marketing reach and growth


IIT Bombay’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and Applied Analytics is a six-month career booster that will empower you to improve reach and boost conversions. You will walk away with an enhanced knowledge of digital marketing and the ability to use marketing analytics to develop comprehensive digital marketing strategies and optimise ROI for business growth and success.

This program will be highly beneficial for:

  • Early professionals who want to enter or are looking to switch from an existing field into digital marketing
  • Traditional marketers, sales, communications, and brand managers keen on developing digital marketing skillset
  • Digital marketers wanting to expand their perspectives by learning new-age digital platforms & tools along with analytics
  • Leaders & Consultants who want to develop a strategic mindset that revolves around digital marketing & analytics strategy as the pathway to growth
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to utilise digital marketing strategies and analytics to expand their business
  • ELIGIBILITY – Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) from a recognised university (UGC/ AICTE/ DEC/ AIU/ State Government/ recognised international universities) in any discipline with minimum 1 year of work experience (after graduation)

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