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The 9 Best Platforms For Premium And Free Online Courses, Plus One Invaluable Learning App

Everyone daydreams about taking a class at the local community college to pick up a new skill or to learn about a subject just for the love of learning. But it often stays a daydream because who has the time or energy to go to class after a long day of work? That’s why online learning has become so popular—there are a slew of online learning courses out there which can help you master everything from a second language to sleight of hand to Native American culture.

The best online learning courses offer a variety of curriculum with credentialed or qualified instructors at affordable prices. And there are so many options to choose from. Here are the best online learning courses, plus a bonus: the definitive online learning tool that you can use to master the arts of math and science.

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  • Best Online Course Catalog: Udemy
  • Best Language Learning App: Rosetta Stone
  • Best Free Language Learning App: Duolingo
  • Best Creative and Graphic Design Courses: Skillshare
  • Best Learning Platform for Kids: Kahn Academy
  • Best Expert and Celebrity Instructors: MasterClass
  • Best Credentialed Instructors: The Great Courses Plus
  • Best Online College Courses: Coursera
  • Best Math and Science Help: Wolfram Alpha

Udemy is an online learning site that offers about 130,000 online courses for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, there’s no subscription model; you pay for each class you take, and prices vary quite a bit, ranging from as little as $50 to more than $150 each. But classes are frequently marked down such that a $140 class might routinely be available for as little as $15. There’s also a business plan available, which is only a good deal if your employees make frequent use of the courses, since it’s $360 per person per year.

The range of courses is absolutely enormous, with categories that include coding, business, finance, IT, office productivity, personal development, design, marketing, lifestyle, photography, music, academics, and health and fitness. If you’re honing your programming skills, you’ll find classes on machine learning, all major languages and software testing. There are courses on business skills like entrepreneurship, business law and practical e-commerce classes on tools like Amazon FBA and Shopify.

Not surprisingly, Udemy works with a lot of instructors, and anyone with a desire to teach can sign up and create a syllabus. The site has some guidelines instructors must follow to ensure course quality, but the site has no specific requirements for who may become an instructor and offer classes, which means course quality—and instructor competence—will vary from class to class.

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