Haryana govt will implement new National Education Policy by 2025: Khattar

Chief Minister on Thursday said that the state government would implement the new Education Policy by 2025.

He said in the state assembly here that with the introduction of Aadhaar-linked admissions, the number of children enrolled in government schools have come down by two lakh as their names were enrolled in both private and government schools.

He said that as per the rules, the state government has also decided to shut one school out of two schools running within a radius of one km.

Congress member Geeta Bhukkal had raised the issue of the closure of some government schools in the state.

Former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the government had said it would open “Kisan Model Schools” but the project had failed to take off.

However, state Education minister Kanwar Pal told him that there was a problem of low enrolment for these schools.

Meanwhile, Khattar also said that ensuring the all-round development of children is one of the utmost priorities of the state government along with improving the standard of education, and the state government is committed to this.

“We will implement the New Education Policy by 2025,” Khattar said.

He said that the state government in its last tenure passed an Act in the Legislative Assembly for securing services of these guest or temporary teachers up to the age of 58 years.

With this, in the 30:1 student-teacher ratio rules across the country, has made it to the ratio of 25:1, the chief minister said.

Courtesy- Business standard

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