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AICTE issues new rules to hold int’l seminars


A senior official from the Directorate of Technical Education (DoTE) told DT Next that the new guidelines have changed the approval procedure to hold virtual conferences, seminars and training.
He said universities or colleges should ensure that the subject matter for online events is not related to the security of State, Border, northeast states or any other issues related to the country’s internal matters.
The official pointed out that the event should be in full compliance with the country’s existing provisions of IT data security, personal data, and protection of other sensitive information should be ensured.
“As there should be the judicious selection of IT applications or online medium for interaction, preference should be given to those apps having servers not controlled or hosted or owned by the countries or agencies hostile to India. The appropriate level of scrutiny to be exercised to identify the nature and sensitivity of data and contents of presentations to be shared by the Indian delegation.” He also pointed out that due care should be taken to ensure that country’s map, flag and emblem are correct and rightly displayed.
However, the official said conferences or events having foreign funding sponsorship and political subjects sharing with other countries should get permission from the authorities concerned in the Centre.
On the participation of State or Union Minister or government officials besides scientists and doctors in the conference, the guidelines say that the institutions concerned should get administrative clearance from the respective department controlled by the Centre.

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