Education minister of Tripura launches Auro Scholarship Pr

Education minister of Tripura launches Auro Scholarships Programme of Sri Aurobindo Society

AGARTALA: In a virtual event organized by Sri Aurobindo Society, Education Minister of Tripura Ratan Lal Nath launched ‘Auro Scholarship Programme’ of Sri Aurobindo Society for all the students of the state. This one of its kind initiative, the Auro Scholarship Programme, provides the monthly micro-scholarship to the students in order to motivate them towards achieving better learning outcomes once students achieve benchmark performance in 10-min curriculum-aligned Quizzes conducted on Auro Scholar App.

Along with Education Minister of the state, Saju Vaheed A, IAS, SPD, Samagra Shiksha, Director Elementary Education and Higher Education, Tripura, and Saumya Gupta, IAS, Secretary, Department of Education, Tripura graced the webinar from Agartala. Vijay Poddar, Member Executive of Sri Aurobindo Society joined from Puducherry and Sambhrant Sharma, Director Education, Sri Aurobindo Society, connected from New Delhi. Thousands of teachers and education officers participated through live streaming of the event on social media channels.

I am glad to know that the Auro Scholarship programme of Sri Aurobindo Society is providing an innovative solution in the form of micro-scholarships to our students, that promotes improved learning outcomes of the students, besides, motivating them to adopt remedial learning. Through simple mobile-based quizzes, the students can win scholarships of upto Rs.1000 every month on achieving good performance in online curriculum-based assessments. I am sure that the supportive environment at schools and homes will holistically benefit the students of Tripura. We are an educationally progressive State, and Auro Scholarship Programme of Sri Aurobindo Society will definitely become a boon for the students,” said Nath while speaking on the significance and relevance of micro-scholarships for the students. “The teachers and students are more open to technology now than before. We are hopeful that by taking online quizzes, the students will be able to improve their learning outcomes. I am happy that the MoU has been signed with Sri Aurobindo Society and the programme provides learning nudges to the students to learn more,” said Vaheed. “The monthly micro-scholarship programme will benefit the students in the long run.

They will become intrinsically motivated to learn and grow. It is an honour for Sri Aurobindo Society to partner with the government of Tripura and making the scholarship accessible to all the students of the state,” added Poddar. “In the past few years, Sri Aurobindo Society’s nationwide teacher outreach programme ‘Zero-Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives’ (ZIIEI) has played a vital role in creating an innovative and experiential teaching ecosystem in schools of Tripura. With the launch of Auro Scholarship programme, thousands of students of Tripura will become direct beneficiaries and the quality of education in the State will reach new heights,” said Sharma presenting a vote of thanks.

Working through Auro Scholar App, Auro Scholarship programme awards monthly micro-scholarships to K-12 students on achieving benchmark performance in a 10-min curriculum-aligned quiz on an internet-enabled phone. The parents receive up to Rs 1,000/month (Rs 50 per quiz, for 20 quizzes across 5 subjects) in their bank account, which they can use to pay for their child’s education in various ways. This model of monthly micro-scholarships is a 1st of its kind and goes a long way in incentivizing the learning outcomes. Since the national launch around one and a half years ago, lakhs of users have registered themselves on Auro Scholar App and around 15 lakh assessments have been taken by the students since the start of the programme. Auro Scholar aims to eventually reach 25 cr K-12 children across the country and incentivize them for learning.

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