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Heriot-Watt University Dubai Launches COVID-19 Relief Scholarship For India

Dubai, UAE: Heriot-Watt University Dubai (HWUD) has launched scholarships for all students from India, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation in the country. Called the COVID-19 Relief Scholarships, it will offer all Indian students enrolling from India a fee reduction of AED 8,000 or INR 160,000 approximately for the September 2021 intake.

The scholarship is applicable to all Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Foundation programs. Students will be eligible for additional scholarships of up to 50% over and above the COVID-19 Relief Scholarships. They will also be guaranteed transfer to the UK Campus after two years in Dubai as part of the University’s 2+2 program at the Undergraduate level.

Commenting on the same, Claire Roper-Browning, Regional Director – Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions and Communications at Heriot-Watt University Dubai said, “India is currently in the throes of a COVID emergency, the impact of which is being felt by the entire population. Giving back to communities is a big part of the Heriot-Watt values, and we, therefore, wanted to offer this scholarship to prospective students from India who may potentially be impacted financially by the pandemic. Through the COVID-19 Relief scholarships, we hope to help aspiring students achieve their academic potential even during these uncertain times and bring them one step closer to their desired future.”

To secure the scholarship, students should have an unconditional or conditional offer letter from Heriot-Watt University Dubai and apply and pay 10% of their tuition fees as a non-refundable, advance payment against their tuition fees by May 20, 2021. Students with a conditional offer letter must provide the remaining documents in order to proceed with receiving an unconditional offer letter before the start of the academic year. The COVID-19 Relief Scholarship amount will be distributed equally across the instalment plan for the first year of study.


Heriot-Watt University Dubai offers a fully accredited British qualification in Dubai. In response to the pandemic, the University also offers Responsive Blended Learning to students from India which enables them to study from anywhere in the world with high-quality learning and support in place. They can then choose to travel to Dubai and pursue face-to-face learning when appropriate. Additionally, students can apply for their chosen undergraduate program based on school-assessed grades such as mock exams, pre-boards, and teacher-predicted scores if board examinations have been delayed owing to the pandemic.

Heriot-Watt University Dubai has just moved into its sprawling new campus in Dubai. The digitally-enabled campus has been designed keeping the future student experience in mind and will support the overall delivery of a wide range of programs, which include Data Science, Construction and Engineering, Business, Accounting and Finance, Psychology, Architecture and Design, and Computing and AI.

For more information on the courses currently available at Heriot-Watt’s Dubai campus, please visit https://www.hw.ac.uk/dubai.htm

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