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Starting a university degree for higher education can be overwhelming for anyone. With new surroundings, a different style of learning and making new friends, it can often feel quite intimidating. High school graduates are experiencing, even more, stresses with the uncertainty around their exams being canceled or postponed. They’re wondering how the dreams of studying at university can be maintained, irrespective of receiving their final results or not.

Middlesex University Dubai is leading the way when looking beyond the pandemic, offering a complete package to ensure students can adjust to university life in a seamless way. Middlesex has considered the complete 360-degree student experience and implemented a number of initiatives to support each and every high school graduate in the UAE. 

In this ever-changing world we live in, it has become very apparent that the costs of studying are critical. Annual tuition fees and the total fees matter more than ever, and this is why Middlesex University Dubai has launched new scholarships and grants to make a quality UK education more accessible to all. All high school leavers in the UAE who enrol onto one of the university’s 32 undergraduate programs or its International Foundation Programme are eligible to receive a 15 per cent Academic Scholarship. This means that the annual fee of studying an undergraduate degree at Middlesex Dubai is just Dh47,345 per year, with additional grants available. For high achieving students the University awards an Academic Excellence Scholarship, ranging from 25 per cent to 50 percent towards tuition fees, with Middlesex’s three-year UK honors degree also making the university more affordable and accessible. 

Students who may not have considered Middlesex University Dubai due to affordability now have the opportunity to study for a quality UK degree and be part of a student experience like no other.

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Middlesex University and Director of Middlesex University Dubai explained: “Universities are becoming more agile and responsive to the changing needs of their students amid the pandemic, and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to access a quality UK degree and achieve their educational goals. By opening our innovative, research-driven programs to more people, we want to provide our students with the tools to overcome the challenges of the pandemic with confidence, regardless of their background.”

The cancellation and postponement of exams are leading to further uncertainty for students choosing which university to attend this September. Middlesex University Dubai is committed to accepting predicted grades and securing university places based on the changes to how students are being assessed. 

Dr Fernandes continued: “We’ve acted on feedback from our student community to ensure we integrate their insights across our offerings, especially regarding the flexibility and deeper levels of personal support our students need to complete their studies now that the university experience looks different to before. This could be anything from helping them find learning opportunities in industry to complement their classroom learning, providing advice on how to apply to university when exams are canceled, or offering scholarships so they can plan for and excel in their long-term careers.”

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Middlesex University Dubai is not just a place of learning, but a community. We are passionate about making a difference in our students’ lives and ensuring everyone who wants to pursue a quality UK degree is able to do so. We believe that universities must respond to the needs of both students and employers. One of our key objectives is to help students increase their employability in a competitive global market while cultivating the human talent who possess the expertise and skills critical sectors need. With Covid-19 still providing uncertainty, we aim to be a source of stability and reassurance, which is why we have introduced a range of financial and educational initiatives to help students plan for a successful future in the post-pandemic world by making it easier than ever to access a world-class education. These initiatives include a guaranteed 15 per cent academic scholarship for all high school leavers in the UAE and Academic Excellence Scholarships for high achievers that reach up to 50 per cent towards their total tuition fees depending on their exam results. In addition to this, we have study grants of up to 25 per cent in place for working professionals who want to pursue a Master’s degree while they earn. Students both in the UAE and internationally are able to benefit from a wide range of scholarships and grants, as well as Dubai’s global reputation as a business and educational hub when building their future and their careers.”

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“Studying at Middlesex University Dubai has been the most enriching experience of my life. The inclusive environment, friendly staff, and institutional values exuded warmth, safety, and comfort. Being able to secure a promising scholarship held significant value to my overall academic progression. It has boosted my morale and has consistently motivated me to achieve the desired grades.



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