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uLektz Wall of Fame will be honouring “Top 20 Revolutionary Education Leaders” for the year 2020

Over the decades, the education system of the country has undergone a sea-change. Educational leaders are the cornerstone on which learning communities function and grow. Since Independence, the education system in India slid into a wide transition that churns out millions of ‘graduates’, who, at least on paper, possess a certain set of skills that are ‘useful’ for various industries and sectors.

However, it is the painful truth that when you teach at this scale–reaching out to hundreds of millions of students daily–critical ideas like original thinking and innovation or even social concepts like empathy or out-of-the-box thinking have fallen by the wayside. The education system can be reformed, revolutionized, and re-made.

This month uLektz Wall of Fame is honouring revolutionary educationists in the country who are transforming the lives of students in the education sector. They are the leaders who have made their vision come into reality

uLektz Wall of Fame’s June edition  is dedicated to the Revolutionary Leaders in the education field, people who refused to give up, who were different, who thought outside the box when it was needed, and who bore the torch of revolution when others were unable to bear it themselves.

By honouring the efforts taken by the revolutionary leaders in our education industry uLektz Wall of Fame acknowledges the passion and dedication shown in empowering our society.

uLektz news is proud to accept nominations for the Wall of Fame Award- Top 20 Revolutionary Education Leaders for the year 2020 and will be profiling them on its news portal

Please send your nomination by completing the online form and uploading the supporting documents.

Guidelines for applying are

  • Any faculty member who has shown utmost dedication in empowering students through education
  • Any Faculty member who is changing the narrative in the education industry.
  • Any faculty member who has come up with a solution in imparting quality education during tiring times
  • Any faculty member who has remodeled the existing system to solve challenges faced in imparting quality education
  • Any faculty member who has done quality research in imparting education


  • Selected faculty’s profile and photographs will be posted on our website.
  • Soft Copy of Award Certificate.
  • A Recognition and Testimony that will Enhance Credibility, Reputation, Pride and Raise the Visibility of Success.
  • A token of appreciation for your contribution.

Mode of Selection:

  • Submission of nomination is free and open to all faculty field experts (including arts, science, and engineering).
  • The selection committee will evaluate the application form.
  • Committee will then select the final list based on teaching experience and research achievements like publications and books.

Last date for acceptance of nominations: 25th June 2021

Announcement of Top 20 Revolutionary Education Leaders for the year 2020: 1st July  2021.

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