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Tamil University (DDE)

Launched in the year 2006 with the objective of spreading the academic work of the Tamil University to Tamils ​​all over the world, it has been established as an Advanced University for the Study of Tamil Language, History, Culture, Arts, Science, Philosophy and Technology. Distance Education.

The distance education program was developed with the lofty goal of being able to do anything in Tamil and to impart higher education. Paving the way for generations to use Tamil traditional art and science technologies; Providing easy access to education to the underprivileged community; The main objective of Tamil University Distance Education is to make it possible for Tamils ​​to know all the disciplines of their traditional science technologies, language, grammar, literature, history, philosophy and arts. The Tamil University has upgraded itself to provide excellent education with qualified mentors through the best educational centers in all parts of Tamil Nadu with the rare aim of getting laymen degrees.

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Phone: +91 4362 227152, 227434
Fax: 04362-226159


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