Vedantu Improvement Promise VIP A path breaking idea in online education

Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP): A path-breaking idea in online education

The edtech industry has been consistently growing and supporting students’ education in India since the last decade. According to estimates, the sector currently assists more than 300 million school students and 40 million students pursuing higher education. While the industry has certainly grown leaps and bounds, none of the players assures the students and parents that they will see definite outcomes! Schools and coaching centers have the same commitment phobia. Well, no more!

Vedantu, the pioneer in live online learning, breaks this industry norm and takes responsibility for their students’ academic improvement with the Vedantu Improvement Promise or VIP. In a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country, the VIP guarantees a predictable improvement in students’ academic performance in their final and competitive exams. If the results are not satisfactory, parents and students can have their fees back.

“Parents are often told that their child can do better or should do better. But no educational establishment guarantees it. We don’t think that’s fair. Better academic results should not be only students’ and parents’ responsibility; we are equally responsible for their performance. VIP is our way of saying that with Vedantu, students ‘WILL DO BETTER! ” announces Anand Prakash, co-founder and Head of Academics of Vedantu.

From class 6 to clearing JEE/NEET, the VIP initiative is relevant for all students who enrol in long-term courses. Students have to attend 75% of all live classes and complete 75% of all assigned tests.

The VIP way – all method, no magic

John Dewey, an American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer, strongly argued that for good education, it is necessary to involve students in meaningful activities and active participation in a classroom rather than engaging them in learning by passively receiving. At Vedantu, technology plays a crucial role in applying this philosophy.

Vedantu scientifically created and proven benchmark tests frequently assess how well the students may perform in their final exams and chart ways to improve their performances.

Unlimited access to Vedantu’s innovative LIVE platform encourages a real-time, healthy peer-learning environment with immersive 3D content, instant doubt solving, live quizzes, and conversations between students and teachers. After the LIVE classes, students have constant access to downloadable teachers’ notes, study and practice material, doubt solving, assignments. This helps them improve at their own pace too!

Vedantu’s WAVE is a patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled technology. It uses machine learning (ML) to understand each student’s learning patterns by assessing their engagement levels and learning outcomes at different points during the class. Vedantu uses these insights to create personalized teaching and learning plans for each child and groups, like-minded students, together, to engage them in fun, educational sessions. In addition, Wave measures the effectiveness of content and teaching – making everyone a stakeholder in improving a student’s performance.

All this support guarantees that students will do better than what they had during Vedantu’s benchmark tests.

Teaching is in our DNA

While Vedantu’s technological advancement constantly helps the management and teachers recalibrate their courses and teachings to maximise a student’s learning, technology alone can’t guarantee improvement. And Anand agrees. “All this would not be effective if not for our teachers. We are mere creators of the system, but it is the teachers that ensure that the system delivers!” he confesses.

Graduates, professionals, and PhD holders from IITs and other top institutes in India are part of Vedantu’s teaching force. They are not just pedigreed experts but teachers by choice who have a passion for teaching; they equip students with knowledge and skills that can be utilised in classrooms as well as the practical world. Vedantu’s teachers constantly monitor students’ progress, based on their in-class and post-class activities and performance and personalise weekly learning plans to ensure progress. These performances and plans are regularly shared during parent-teacher interactions to keep parents involved in their child’s progress.

VIP – step in the right direction/ VIP- The need of the hour

“Many think that VIP is a bold move on our part. But we think VIP is truly the need of the hour. We want to build faith in our students and parents that improved outcomes are real with us, not merely possibilities,” says Anand Prakash.

In early 2020, schools were closed to protect children from the COVID-19 pandemic. School teachers, who used chalk-and-board teaching, had to shift to digital mediums overnight. As a result, teachers confessed to be struggling to adapt to digital teaching; this was the edtech industry’s moment of reckoning. With the disruption having upended the Indian educational system, the edtech platforms were the support that students and their worried parents needed to help students continue and excel at academics.

However, the efficacy of online education or a lack thereof was reflected in the recent pre-board exams that the students took in December and January. Students’ average scores in many schools were lower than the previous years’ averages, indicating lower learning levels and achievements. This was after many parents had enrolled their children on edtech platforms hoping for improved academic performances!

The edtech industry has the potential to address these challenges, but platforms must aspire to be more than being a replacement to analogue teaching methodologies. With the VIP initiative and their innovations, Vedantu has proved that they are not only focused on being industry leaders but want to be disruptors who create respectable institutions that people have faith in.

Courtesy – Hindustan Times

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