This startup is helping foreign education aspirants get into their preferred university for free

This startup is helping foreign education aspirants get into their preferred university for free

India is the second-largest source of international students after China. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs 2019 statistics reveals that there were nearly 753,000 Indian students studying abroad.

Despite this, there is still huge uncertainty surrounding the whole process to travel and study abroad; precisely since the industry continues to have so many intermediaries and support functions.

To address these challenges, two friends from the interiors of Kerala —  Ajesh Raj and Basil Ali — decided to build Edumpus in 2019.

The startup is attempting to transform the student recruitment industry in the same way Amazon redefined the experience of purchasing goods – aggregating available courses to let students make informed decisions, says Ajesh, Co-founder and CEO, Edumpus.

The idea stemmed from their own personal experience while pursuing higher education abroad. At each stage of the journey, they faced various hurdles and an archaic system.

Having met at De Montfort University in the United Kingdom, both founders were convinced that digitisation could transform the student recruitment industry and make it easier for students to pursue their higher education.

The two designed Edumpus as a social communication platform designed to simplify communication between universities, students, and consultants.

How it works

According to Basil, Co-founder and COO, the startup aspires to be a bridge between institutions and students from across the globe, and wants to create a truly global outreach that will not only help students make informed decisions about their careers but also provide an efficient way for institutions to leverage their resources to pursue good students without making it an exhaustive process.

Students can sign up on the platform either through the app or the website. They can run a search on more than 500 universities and 50,000 courses available on it and shortlist the right ones based on their requirements

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the platform suggests the best-fit courses to students based on their criteria and university offerings. It studies a student’s preferences from their search trends on interests and applications to suggest better and refined options, says Basil.

Once students zero in on the course they want, they can apply and submit relevant documents on the platform itself. The in-house counsellors guide the students throughout the process.

Edumpus then verifies the documents and submits them to the respective university.

The company currently has a portfolio of 500+ institutions from more than 15 countries across the globe and over 1,000 consultants from different parts of the Indian subcontinent, South Asia, and MENA region.

The platform also arranges for university and visa interview training, immigration process, and provides post-landing services to students until they are settled in for their university-life abroad.

Edumpus allows students to connect with university alumni, other students, and any member who may have signed up on the platform to answer any queries they may have.

At the moment, the startup does not charge the students. Its current monetisation model relies primarily on the B2B clientele — charging educational institutions for successful enrolments and through portal subscription fees.

In FY21, the startup claims to have a gross revenue of Rs 50 million from its primary operations.


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