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uLektz books is happy to partner with HP Hamilton Limited

Chennai, July 9th, 2021: uLektz, a SaaS based EdTech startup announced that it has partnered with HP Hamilton Limited, Global largest publisher of books, to provide the best quality learning material to students in India and all over the globe. 

 “The aim of uLektz books is to enable students and professionals across India and the globe with access to high-end resources and reference materials for higher education and advanced learning. We are delighted to partner with HP Hamilton Limited, one of the World’s largest books publishers. More than one million users who are on uLektz will access the books and get benefits directly. 

  There is a need to provide quality educational resources for aspiring career professionals across all sectors. HP Hamilton Limited, has made a significant contribution in spreading digital innovation in India. uLektz learning solutions’ in association with HP Hamilton Limited, will rightly deliver the best of learning materials and quality resources for the students across India and the globe.

 uLektz Books is happy to partner with HP Hamilton Limited in their Digital Initiative to sell and promote their eBooks. Many more books will be added by the HP Hamilton team in the upcoming days. Visit https://www.ulektzbooks.com/p/HP-Hamilton to buy books from HP Hamilton Limited. To know more about HP Hamilton Limited visit https://www.hphamilton.com/about.html

Download the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ulektz.HPH

To promote and sell your eBooks online write to us at support@ulektz.com

Visit us at https://www.ulektzbooks.com/

 About uLektz:

uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited is an EdTechSaaS Startup headquartered in Chennai, a SaaS hub of India. It is founded in the year 2016 by a team of edtech professionals having about 2 decades of experience working with various colleges, universities, education publishers and ministries of education worldwide. uLektz is aimed at building an ecosystem of higher education by connecting all the stakeholders of higher education and providing the appropriate resources and services for education, skill development, and careers with ease of access and equity.

 uLektz Books is one of the products of uLektz Suite of software applications. We help publishers leverage digital technologies and stay ahead of the competition.

With uLektz Books, publishers will get a White-labelled Mobile App, branded mobile app with eBook Reader to promote your brand. uLektz Books will help you reach more potential buyers and increase sales. uLektz Books allows you to sell eBooks without online payment by generating coupon codes for your eBooks to facilitate the online purchase without online payment. We will also ensure security with strong DRM for piracy protection. Encrypt your eBooks with AES 128-bit to protect them from piracy and illegal distribution. Add value to print books and reduce print cost. Distribute supplementary materials in eBooks format via Coupon Codes with your print books.

About HP Hamilton Limited

HP Hamilton Limited is a global publishing house with headquarters in London, United Kingdom. We publish a series of print and eBooks in the fields of Professional & Higher Education, Law, Social Sciences, Technical Sciences, Computing & Robotic Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Biomedicine, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Fashion and Textile Research Books and Journals. Our vast range also includes Authoritative Reference Books, Professional Texts, Monographs and Coffee Table High Gloss.

They work closely with a range of distributors and retailers to ensure the widest possible visibility and promotion of your book. These channels include:

  • Traditional bookstores
  • Online platforms
  • Libraries and library suppliers
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Professional Organizations
  • Exhibitions
  • Export markets

To ensure continuous availability they are in regular contact with all of their key sale points and customers. They also deliver a plethora of communication tools to promote our new titles and fulfill orders.


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