IIM Ahmedabad scraps bachelors degree as criteria for MBA admissions

IIM-Ahmedabad scraps bachelor’s degree as criteria for MBA admissions

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad has decided to scrap the bachelor’s degree as a criterion for admission to the postgraduate programme (PGPM), for the 2022-24 batch. The Academic Rating (AR) score will now be computed on a scale of 25 on the basis of Class 10, Class 12 marks, and the candidate’s work experience.

“The AR now will be computed on a scale of 25 (considering class 10 and class 12 marks as well as candidate’s work experience) and the points will be pro-rated to 35,” read an official notice by the institute.

The following formula will now be used for computing the Composite Score (CS):
CS = 0.35* (Pro-rated AR Score/35) + 0.65* (Normalised overall CAT Score)
Where, Pro-rated AR Score= [(AR score computed by taking 0 points for Bachelor’s degree)/25] * 35
Candidates are recommended to go through the entire information bulletin, available on the website- iim.ac.in

The institute has taken this decision in view of the fact that for the last two years due to the pandemic, many universities were unable to conduct exams. The results for students were prepared on the basis of varied alternative criteria. The CAT committee in 2021 had decided to allow candidates to take the CAT- 2021 exam without requiring any minimum percentage of marks in bachelor’s degree.

Courtesy: Indianexpress

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