IIT BHU and Japans Niigata University to conduct joint research student exchange programmes

IIT-BHU and Japan’s Niigata University to conduct joint research, student exchange programmes

The Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi (IIT BHU) and Niigata University, Japan have signed an agreement to promote exchange and cooperation in education, joint research, holding of lectures and symposiums and participation of students/faculty members.

This collaboration will ensure that the the relations between the two strengthen through this agreement. It will also encourage students to be selected and nominated by the home university. As per the agreement, both parties will have to ensure that an equal number of students are exchanged and participated.

Under this agreement, both the universities will establish procedures and selection of exchange students based on their academic achievements. In addition to this, the host university will have to waive examination fee, entrance fees, and tuition fees for exchange students.

During the initiation process of this agreement, a detailed presentation was given by Vikash Kumar Dubey, Dean (R&D), about the research activities at IIT-BHU by different departments and schools. Other possible areas of academic collaboration between the two universities was also highlighted in his presentation.

From the other side, Prof Nozomu Tsuboi, vice president, Global Engagement, Niigata University, gave a presentation abous the university and the possible future collaborations. Additionally, Prof Takamasa Suzuki gave a detailed presentation on the different research activities in the area of optics-photonics instrumentation.

Courtesy: Indianexpress

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