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uLektz & Osmania University enters into a Symbiotic Association

uLektz has entered an MOU with Osmania University Technology Business Incubator (OTBI) on May 12th ,2022. The event was headed by dignitaries from both Osmania and uLektz – Dr. Zahoorullah S (CEO OTBI),Dr. Hafeez Basha( Manager OTBI) Mr. Sadiq Sait (CEO uLektz) and Mr. V Anand (Vice President Sales uLektz). By signing the MoU, both the organizations have initiated a strategic relationship.

Through this MOU, uLektz will setup its office in the premises of Osmania University to reach out to all the higher education institutions in the state of Telangana. uLektz will also be involved in training the final year students through internships and real-time projects. Thus, it provides the opportunity for  students to connect with industry professionals and gain industrial insights.

Incubation at Osmania Technology Business Incubator (OTBI) is multi-disciplinary, across the sectors and open to all the innovative ideas that need support from the entrepreneurial community to leverage the networks, infrastructure and connects that help rapidly scale up the startup operations.

uLektz being an EdTech Startup, works with plenty of higher education institutions, nationwide. The greater number of uLektz alliances are found in Telangana. uLektz believes that OTBI will act as a medium to create synapses with the higher education institutions of Telangana. ulektz anticipates that the mentorship and guidance of OTBI will leverage the network and infrastructure, thereby accelerating startup growth. 

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