Churchill Scholarship


  • An applicant for the Churchill Scholarship must be a citizen of the United States, either native born or naturalized
  • Must be a senior who is enrolled in one of the institutions participating in the Scholarship Program or a student who has graduated from one of those institutions within the past 12 months.
  • Upon taking up the Churchill Scholarship, a Churchill Scholar must hold a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, and may not have attained a doctorate.


  • Fifteen Churchill Scholarships are offered annually. The Scholarship is tenable from nine to twelve months, in accordance with the academic program.
  • The Churchill Scholarship is worth around $60,000, depending on the exchange rate. It covers all University and College fees (currently about $40,000).
  • Churchill Scholars receive a living allowance, which in 2018-19 is £11,083 if enrolled in a nine-month program, £13,447 if enrolled in an eleven-month program, and £14,777 if enrolled in a full-year program.
  • Scholars receive an allowance of up to $1,500 for travel to and from the United Kingdom, as well as reimbursement of applications fees for a UK visa and health surcharge (currently over $500).
  • The Foundation also offers the possibility of a Special Research Grant of up to $2,000. This grant may cover travel for presentations at international conferences, short stays at another university or institute for special research, and other activities
  • Married students should consult with the Foundation about additional support in accordance with the guidelines of the University of Cambridge.
  • Churchill Scholars are offered seminars on science communications and science policy. Also, the members cohort has regular meetings to present their research to each other.
  • Each cohort has the opportunity for a private tour of the Churchill War Rooms in London and to meet London-based Trustees, often including some of Churchill’s descendants.
  • Scholars benefit from being part of a close network of former Churchill Scholars, many of whom are leaders in academia, industry, and government science. There are regular alumni gatherings, seminars, and publications.
  • Most Scholars describe the year as the best year of their lives and the most important year in their intellectual development. They cannot imagine going straight into a PhD without the perspective and experience the Scholarship provides.
  • Most Cambridge Master’s programs offer far more independence than US students have experienced, or will experience again until their post-doc years.

Before you apply

1. Check that you are eligible

2. Select a course


1. Fill out the online application

2. Request four academic letters of recommendation

3. Apply to the University of Cambridge

4. Complete the application

Read the Instructions to apply before start applying on this link.

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