BHU warns faculty staff against fake messages in the name of VC asking for online purchases

BHU Warns Faculty, Staff Against Fake Messages in the Name of VC Asking for Online Purchases

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has warned faculty members and staff against fake messages being sent to them in the name of vice-chancellor Professor Sudhir K Jain asking for online purchases.

“Fake messages are being sent to #BHU faculty members and staff in the name of Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sudhir K Jain from an unknown number asking to make online purchases. This is a trap. Please be alert & aware. DO NOT ENTERTAIN ANY SUCH REQUESTS & inform authorities,” BHU tweeted.

According to the screenshots shared by the University, the fake number +491521 6953924 with Jain’s name and photograph on Whatsapp is sending messages to faculty members asking them to buy Amazon gift cards.

“I am currently attending a very crucial meeting at the moment and I will need you to carry out a task. I need you to purchase 15 pieces of Amazon gift cards with 10,000 rps value on each card. Is it possible for you to get it done? How soon can you get it done?,” read the fake messages.

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