College of Engineering Pune ranked first in AICTEs learning assessment survey

College of Engineering Pune Ranked First in AICTE’s Learning Assessment Survey

The College of Engineering Pune, an autonomous institute under the Maharashtra government, has been ranked first in the AICTE’s learning assessment survey, with 314 engineering undergraduates from the college scoring over 70% in the test.

The second position has gone to the Jharkhand-based Birsa Institute of Technology, which saw 193 students achieve five-star ranking (given to those who scored over 70 per cent) on the test, followed by the NMAM Institute of Technology in Karnataka (166 students ranked five-star).

While the survey found that students pursuing their courses in institutes placed between 1-50 in the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) have performed relatively better, the top three colleges that outshined others in the survey do not fall in the top-50 bracket of NIRF.

In fact, College of Engineering Pune was placed 52nd, in the category of engineering colleges, in the last round of the NIRF, Birsa Institute of Technology was not even ranked, while NMAM Institute of Technology, Karnataka was in the 138th position.

Also, engineering students from five southern states – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh – account for nearly half of the learning assessment tests carried out by the AICTE as part of the survey between last September and June this year.

The survey report, which has revealed that first year engineering students are underperforming in maths compared to other core subjects, shows that undergrads from Tamil Nadu underwent the maximum number (24,499) of assessments, while Goa had only three students signing up for it.

The southern region is followed by the north-western states – including Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana – with 12387 students enrolled in institutes in this region taking the test. The report also points out that registration numbers from states in east and Northeast India were underwhelming, standing at 9012.

The IITs did not participate in the survey in the form of an online test. Besides an aptitude test for all levels, first-year students were tested on physics, chemistry, Maths, while second, third and fourth-year students were assessed on competency in their area of specialisation. For third and fourth-year students, the overall scores also took into account their performance in emerging areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Top six institutes (max students scored over 70%) –

  • College of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra
  • Birsa Institute of Technology, Jharkhand
  • NMAM Institute of Technology, Karnataka
  • The National Institute of Engineering, Karnataka
  • Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
  • NIT Warangal, Telangana

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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