Now an email drive against IIT Bombay fee hike

Now, an Email Drive Against IIT-Bombay Fee Hike

In their ongoing opposition to the recent fee-hike, students at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay have now started an email campaign. A QR code is being circulated that directly opens a pre-filled email to be sent to the Board of Governors of IIT-Bombay.

According to information shared by students, more than 100 emails have been sent in just one day and the campaign will continue. “In the open house meeting on July 26, the administration asked us to challenge the BoG and pointed fingers at the Department of Education and Government of India for limiting funding resources, which are forcing them to quench and strain money out of students,” states the email addressed to the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay, which elaborates on the issue and seeks immediate roll back of the fee-hike.

It also highlights how during the last fee-hike in 2017, it was decided to include student representatives in fee committee but this was not done when the latest fee-hike was announced. “On the one hand when the email campaign has started, we also resumed the daily poster demonstration against the fee hike inside the institute campus,” said a student.

While their group — IIT Bombay Students Against Fee Hike — is continuously active on different social media platforms, the students have also announced about a hunger strike if their demand to roll back the fee hike is not met by August 5. Students have also written to the director of the institute. According to information provided by students, the fee structure for Master’s and PhD courses has increased by 45 per cent in the recently declared fee circular for the autumn semester.

Courtesy : The Indian Express

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